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YHS Neighborhood Investment Program

In good times and bad, Youth Health Service has been here, striving to make the road smoother for so many of West Virginias children.  Over the past 32 years, there have been times when our neighbors, community, state, and nation have contributed funds to our mission for our children and times when we have stood alone.  In recent times, funding once available has gone to other worthwhile missions throughout the world, making it difficult to carry on for our children and programs serving them here.  Won't you consider giving, even a little, to care for our kids and make their road a little smoother.

Youth Health Service, A Place Where Kids Can Laugh, and Cry ... Where Hurts Can Heal.

Tax deductible donations may be made by mailing to:

Youth Health Service, Inc.
971 Harrison Ave.
Elkins, WV  26241 clicking on the link below, or by visiting our main center in Elkins, located on Harrison Ave. near Davis Memorial Hospital.  Please call Margy Burns for any questions or comments you may have at 304.636.9450. 


Contributors may wish to provide a specific sponsorship for a child to receive services or for YHS to provide a particular service or treatment option to a specific school or community location.  If this is your interest, please contact Executive Director, Margy Burns, at 304.636.9459.

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